Our Philosophy

Our success is based on the personnel, highly qualified team with experience, committed and with a positive attitude towards our clients, with an ability to adapt to the particular processes of each operation and supported by a top level technological system. We are a company that strives every day to provide the best of us, and providing quality, with the will to work energetically, collaborate and committed to meet the needs of the industry.

  • Mision

    Support exporters and importers in the management of their cargo with timely, safe and flexible service through technological platform that is at the forefront with a focus on innovation.

  • Vision

    To be an Intermodal Warehouse leader in service, recognized for its constant innovation in technology, differentiated by its operational excellence and its services that are focused on satisfying the clients expectations.

Our values

AGUNSA Intermodal Terminal unites foreign trade with the logistics of the supply chain, providing a differentiated service developed on the basis of four values that are the focus of our organizational culture.

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Reliability

  • Excellence


We are concerned in strengthening the respect as an essence of human relationships, community life and teamwork.
We recognize the virtues of others with dignity, always accepting the truth as a guarantee of transparency.


We promote high standards in behavior which go far and beyond any code or regulation. We always act with a sense of righteousness and honesty.


We promote the highest safety standards in the industry within our operations.
We constantly train our employees on safety issues. We promote a risk free work environment with operations that are reliable and environmentally friendly. We guarantee the maximum security to the cargo within our installations.


Continuous growth in a profitable manner by having satisfied customers with our products or services. Based on the involvement of all employees, teamwork and the constant search for continuous improvement throughout the organization.

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