About Us

“AGUNSA Intermodal Terminal,” created as a subsidiary of Agencias Universales S.A., has as an exclusive objective the development of an Intermodal Warehouse in the commune of San Antonio. Born in 2017 as the Customs Depot Area, via direct authorization of the National Customs Service under Decree N° 1114/1997 of the Treasury Department, considered for its operation as the primary zone in the San Antonio customs jurisdiction.

Why Us?

Because we have more than fifty-eight years of experience and recognition in the market in the businesses of Agency Services, representation, storage, Logistics and Distribution.

And because we are aware that our proposed services to our customers must contain elements of value that distinguishes us. That is why in, “AGUNSA Intermodal Terminal,” we operate on the basis of 4 differentiating elements that are highly valued by our customers:

Specialized knowledge with a vision towards the customer
Efficiency in the operations
Integrated services with quality
Innovative technology that is applied in the operations


AGUNSA Intermodal Terminal offers a range of service to third parties, where merchandise can be stored until the moment in which it is retrieved, for import, export or other customs destination. It also offers complementary services that are linked directly, or indirectly, with the storage function, and other additional services which contribute to a better performance.


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New port Access Route G-86 N°4085, Industrial Neighborhood, San Antonio


Propietary computer systems for document and Logistics Management.

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